"Motorcycles have always been part of my life, I decided to find out why..." Jean-Philippe Defaut, Heron Arts - San Francisco, CA.

It's not about the motorcycle, it's about the people.

A few years ago I started documenting conversations with motorcyclists and unexpectedly embarked on a different journey. Even in today's society, motorcyclists still carry a challenging reputation. In some circles, we are still considered outliers. True, it's not for everyone. Originally a cheaper and arguably more efficient form of transportation. However, along the way, motorcycles came at a hefty price for many and their loved ones. Looking back over decades of motorcycling, I felt it was time to bridge the gap between conventional society and the motorcyclist. The purpose of the project is to break a few myths, open doors in an often misunderstood community, and share stories, experiences from people who have chosen motorcycles as a  way of life. It's time to celebrate the unheard stories, ditch the clichés and focus on the spiritual and visceral experience, not the fantasy.

"I am this motorcycle” is an immersive experience. The spine of the project is a photographic conversation: a portrait story featuring over 400 motorcyclists between the UK, France, and the US. Roadside chats with motorcyclists from all walks of life, connected through a common passion: rides, journeys, encounters, discoveries, challenges, struggles and evolution. Roadside conversations happen on a regular basis and the project continues to grow as the journey unfolds… Large-scale photography , art pieces, sculptures, archival ephemera, collaborations, commissioned works and of course, motorcycles! The project was first launched with an exhibition in 2016 at the Heron Arts gallery in San Francisco. It was featured in Petrolicious, Broke-Ass-Stuart, Motorcycle.com, and Art Business. Eventually, it will travel. A book is in the works and the collection of classic vehicles is growing.

Today, with some 400 plus conversations and portraits, I continue to interview people several times a month. It is a dialogue. As the exhibition travels, it will take you on a journey….

We look forward to meeting you. Sign-up for notifications and please share your thoughts and feedback. If you are or know a motorcyclist with an interesting story or a passion for the open road on two wheels, please get in touch here or engage with the project on Instagram or Facebook.

...it's never too late to get a motorcycle...
JP Defaut